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When people see or hear "Train With Torrey Lowe" others should be able to tell by your confidence, positivity, and last but not least your RESULTS!​

Physiological Assessment

Calculate the heart rate for the specific client which determines their training heart rate zone. Measure the clients Body composition as well as their circumference measurements. Last perform the overhead squat assessment designed to assess dynamic flexibility on both sides of the body to see if the body has any imbalances.

Personal Training

To set up a complete exercise schedule that includes all the activities you need to do - cardio, weight training and flexibility - can be overwhelming, add the time and knowledge it takes to choose exercises, weights, reps and sets and you may quit before you even start. This is where I come in maximizing your time while keeping you within your own limits so you don't overdo it.

Customized Programs

Weight loss (more specifically, fat loss), muscular gain, rehabilitation, anti-aging, health and/or aesthetic maintenance, improved sports performance. Circuit training, different methods of strength training​​​​, and conditioning with different types of equipment you've never tried before. Specific programs can give clients a fresh perspective and new ideas to challenge them self.


My name is Torrey Lowe. I currently reside in Greensboro, North Carolina, but my roots are in Pinehurst, NC. It is there that I found my passion for athletics at the young age of seven. Growing up, my work ethic with sports was a "no brainer." I was always 100% dedicated. I quickly became consumed with attending practices and traveling with ball teams; you rarely found me inside of my house. One of my coaches once told me that I was a role model –but not because of me using vocal expressions, but because of the way I carried myself. I was coachable, respectful, and people looked up to me for that.​ After high school, I attended Greensboro College and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Sports Science. I not only studied sports, but I also played Wide Receiver for the football team. During my GC football career, I received numerous awards, such as in 2005, USA South Rookie of the Year; 2006, Preseason All-American pick by the Football Gazette; and in 2008, I was named to the Conference USA South All-Sportsmanship Team. I ended my final year with a USA South conference record of 91 receptions and 25 “GC Pride” football records. I was also a four-time all USA South pick, which gave me the claim of being the most decorated player in Pride grid history. In 2007, I became a Fitness industry professional and began employment with The Rush Fitness Complex. Growing both physically and mentally are goals that I have consistently pursued to achieve each and everyday. I am now more focused than ever on eating right, living a healthier lifestyle, and helping others achieve their​ personal goals in fitness and health. I am continuously improving my trade through attending workshops and learning the most current and challenging techniques. The feeling of positively impacting someone's life and their lifestyle makes fitness that much more exciting to me. I originally only wanted to concentrate on athletes, but as I grew personally and learned more, I realized that everyone can benefit from my teachings. Hence, my client base exhibits my versatility; ranging from children to elders, which is extremely important in the world of Fitness. Words cannot express the feelings that I receive when I help people reach and exceed their goals. In 2013, my most recent notable achievement, I was selected as the renowned Vitaflex Fitness Model.


Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Independent Personal Trainer

May 2007 - Present

Fitness Coach

The Rush Fitness

March 2007 - June 2013


Free agent football player

August 2005 - Present

College Baseball & Football, AIFL, IFL, CFL, NFL camp

Torrey is one of the best trainers in the game.
He's versatile, creative, informed and inspiriing.

- Deidre James -

Package Prices

IndividualPersonal Training


  • Single Sessions: $45.00
  • Six Sessions: $270 ($45/session)
  • Twelve Sessions: $480 ($40/session)
  • Eighteen+ Sessions: $630 ($35/session)

Trainingfor Two


  • Single Sessions: $60.00
  • Six Sessions: $360 ($60/session)
  • Twelve Sessions: $660 ($55/session)
  • Eighteen+ Sessions: $900 ($50/session)

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